Invitation to compete in

Masters Cup Senior 2020 (doubles and mixed doubles)

7 500 euro Prize Money

16-20 January 2020 - Moscow, Russia


  • League badminton players
  • Badminton Senior Commonwealth of Russia
  • Metaxa Badminton Senior League Russia
  • Metaxa Badminton Club Moscow
  • Moscow Badminton Academy «Master+»

Sponsors of the tournament:

  • Badminton Club Moscow «Master+»
  • Metaxa Badminton Club Moscow

Information partner:


Badminton Academy Master+, (subway station «Shabolovskaya») Malaya Kalujskaya 1 str., Moscow

  • 16th of January - Date of arrival
  • 17th of January - Cultural program and judges briefing (in the sport hall before the beginning of the Tournament) and draw by
  • 18-19th January - Games day
  • 20st of January - Date of departure
  • The Tournament Referee will be Ivanov Igor (All-Russian category)
    The Tournament Coordinator (International Relations) will be Bryant Olga (
    The tournament will be played on 8 courts


  • Amateur badminton players and seniors players at the age of 35 years and older, the age is calculated on 31.12.2019.
  • The doubles must be entered with a total age of the players at least 75 years..
    The age difference of one pair cannot exceed 15 years.
  • Competitions support the Master + format (Master of Sports + Amateur).
    Priority in the applications are amateur couples.
    By decision of the panel of judges and the organizing committee of the competition allowed the participation of two masters of sports in one pair.


  • Men’s and women’s and mixed doubles, five ages and 18 categories: 70+, 80+, 90+, 100+, 110+ (sum of two years).
  • The participant can play in two different age categories, separated by time (M(W)D+M(W)D or M(W)D+XD) or XD+XD.
  • Group and Play-off system, with all the places plays out.
  • If desired, the participant may play in a younger or older age categories.
  • The main condition of permit in a particular category is the total age of the pair.
  • Belonging to the age category in doubles is set by the sum of the ages of both participants.
  • The system of competitions and the draw for the participants, as well as their admission to competition is determined by the Referee and the organizers of the tournament.
  • The official timetable of events
    Official web site of the tournament:,
  • Judging on courts by the players themselves.
  • Competitions are held feather shuttles participants.
    Preference is given to brand "YONEX".
    The acquisition of shuttles on the spot guaranteed.


  • Hotel «Matrioshka»
    Address: Teatralny proezd-3, st.4, Moscow
    Phone: +7 (495) 626-69-82, +7 (495) 626-69-80.


    application No.2
  • Categories 70+, 80+, 90+, 100+,110+:
    - the winners in all categories places in each ages will be awarded with cups, medals and money,
    - 2-4 places (according the attachment 2) will be awarded with medals and money,
  • The award ceremony will be on the 19st of January at the end of all games.


  • Entries for participation are accepted till the 17th of January 2019. Applications must to be sent to the Referee on the e-mail (Download the application №1 in Word)

  • application No.1
  • Payment of entry fee is made before the competition. Participants who did not pay the entry fee will not be allowed to participate in the competition.
  • Each participant must send to the Referee a copy of the passport page with date of birth.
    Before the start of the games participants need to present the medical insurance.

8Entry fees (payment in euro for 1 categories)

Entry fees
  • Tournament participants will receive a free invitation to the traditional final buffet with the METAXA PARTY music program.

9Players'limit and draw

  • This event is a private campaign - closed badminton competitions and is governed by the terms of this provision, as well as the decisions of the Organizing Committee of the tournament.
  • A tournament participant must have a good reputation in the world of badminton, be a member of the Commonwealth Senior Badminton or other international association or the badminton Senior Federation.
  • Registration of participants is carried out by the decision of the Organizing Committee and the SSC of the tournament. Athletes who have participated in past tournaments and who submitted earlier than others, are registered for the tournament in priority order.
  • The draw is carried out according to the rating of the Commonwealth Senior badminton and others, including international ratings.

    Category of the tournament can be combine in case of no compliance with the minimum number of participants mentioned in the table of limits.
    Thus, the prize money of the combined categories will not add up and will be played on the large amount.
    For the tournament participants for the event includes an invitation to the final buffet, as well as the possibility of visiting the cultural program.